An aesthetic and accurate way to improve the look of your teeth

Composite bonding can be used to rebuild light damage to your teeth, or to change their appearance, colour or shape. Composite is a special dental resin made from a combination of plastic and glass. It can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and we can colour-match it to your tooth colour so it looks just like your tooth.

Composite can be built directly on your tooth so there is no need to strip away a layer of enamel. Bonding requires a degree of skill to accurately build up the shape of a tooth from scratch and we have restorative dentistry experts who make it appear as if there was no damage in the first place.

Why have composite bonding?

  • Unlike other types of restorative and cosmetic treatments, there is no need to remove any of the tooth to make space for the restoration.
  • The treatment is quick. There is no need to take impressions or have restorations built in the lab. Everything happens in our practice.
  • As we can match the composite to your tooth colour, it’s a very aesthetic treatment.

What is involved in the treatment?

We first dry the tooth and prepare the surface with a special acidic gel, creating a surface for the composite to properly bond to.

We apply the composite in layers, gradually building up the desired shape. It is then hardened using a special light.

We then polish the composite so it looks just like a natural tooth and blends seamlessly into your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can composite bonding be reversed?

Yes, as none of your natural tooth enamel needs to be removed to accommodate the bonding, the composite bonding material can be easily taken off if you decide you no longer want it. Your teeth will go back to how they were before.

Will composite bonding damage my teeth?

No, the composite bonding material does not damage natural teeth in any way. No enamel needs to be removed, and the composite can be shaped into your desired look easily and effectively.

How long does composite bonding last?

Composite bonding will last for around five years on average. If necessary, it can easily be repaired or touched up during that time in a single short appointment.

How do I look after composite bonding on my teeth?

Composite is invulnerable to bacteria and decay, but the natural tooth underneath isn’t. Great oral hygiene at home will keep your treated teeth lasting for as long as possible.