We are incredibly proud of the reviews from our wonderful patients

We work hard to create a welcoming, professional and friendly atmosphere, and be a dental practice our patients want to visit. Have a look at what our patients are saying about us below.



Thank you for being very patient with me. The treatment was conducted in a very sensitive manner and helped me build my confidence.

- Mrs E.S

Camilla was really good removing my tooth and put me out of a lot of pain and was really kind to me on the appointment and put me at ease. Excellent service. 5 Star

- Mr J H

Always delightful and professional service. Everything is to a very high standard.

- Anon

Very happy with service. Always happy to come here. I think you are doing everything right

- Mrs Q C

With necessary crown work and inspection/clean the cost was helpfully spread (interest free). The set up of the standing order done quickly and helpful (not online but over the telephone) which helps we older ones without a computer!

- Mrs M B

So glad to have found you! You and your team are extremely efficient, caring, approachable and positive in every way. The fact that you’re open some Saturdays is a bonus. I couldn’t do other than highly recommend you and can’t think of any way to improve your practice. Also I like your paintings!

- Mrs S Moir

Excellent work as always, and I was very grateful for a short notice appointment to repair a filling. Many thanks.

- Anon

Whenever I visit Camilla, it is always very calm and pleasant. I have no fear of visiting the dentist anymore. Camilla as well as her staff are always friendly and helpful at all times. I would certainly recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you Camilla for being there for me.

- Mrs A Rickards

Very good service and friendly staff. Put patients at ease.

- Mrs Heather Davies

Friendly, helpful, informative. Made to feel relaxed. Fabulous.

- Mrs Barker

Great service, always feel comfortable and at ease. Always happy with my treatments. Will always recommend.

- Anon

I am extremely pleased with all aspects of the treatments I received. Prompt service. Helpful, friendly and considerate. I found Camilla always ready and willing to help with any problems and willing to keep in touch all through any process. It’s a very clean, friendly surgery.

- Anon

Camilla is attentive and if you are a nervous patient she puts you at ease.

- Anon

Camilla is attentive and if you are a nervous patient she puts you at ease.

- Anon

Very happy with treatment: appointment system-happy with dental surgery overall.

- Anon

Camilla and staff are always very caring and professional. Thank you!

- Anon

Very good treatment since 2015. Always very pleasant, kind and helpful. Dr George a very good dentist always kind and gentle. Have recommended the dental practice to several people.

- Anon

My treatment was administered professionally and with little discomfort. In such a way, I could zone out and listen to the radio. As on one occasion I did not realise I had been asked a question.

- Anon

Professional, friendly and ethical, good to have a dentist can trust.

- Dr Knight

The staff are lovely, very friendly, they put you at ease. Even if you were nervous once you were in the chair you wouldn’t be.

- Mrs Jones

Camilla is so patient and explains what she is going to do and puts you at ease. I always felt uptight about going to the dentist but now I feel much more relaxed.

- Mrs CE

The practice is very friendly and efficient. The treatment is very quick and I have every faith in the dentist.

- Mrs Higgins

I was terrified of the dentist, I feel so lucky to have Camilla, I trust her totally. Her manner and the work she has done. It is the best clean I have ever had. I’ve have been going to the dentist every six months all my life and I came here and I’ve had the best care. She is amazing and the reception is so lovely too.

- Mrs Jackson

The atmosphere is calm, cheerful and professional. I always receive excellent dental advice.

- Mrs Mallett

I came on recommendation from another patient. You have done so much work and have improved my mouth a great deal. What great staff. I was greatly in need of new dentures. The fillings have greatly improved the look of my mouth.

- Mrs Jon

So kind and friendly, it’s nice to have a dentist who cares.

- Mr T Knight

Thank you for seeing me at such short notice – Dr George was fantastic at explaining the treatment needed and she and her assistant Magda did an amazing job of putting me at ease during the process. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this practice. I am here visiting on holiday and needed an emergency appointment; I am very pleased with the result and the treatment I have received. I would definitely recommend the practice to anyone who is a nervous patient.

- Mr Thompson

I researched other people’s testimonials because I am quite a nervous patient. What impressed me was that everyone said how friendly the practice was. My first contact with the practice was when I had a problem and Camilla fitted me in that same day. This was very impressive as I had not even met the dentist before. The whole experience was made easy because of the friendliness and the competence of the staff.

- Mrs Hewett

I would recommend this practice, they are all nice girls and the Dentist is very gentle. I am confident with the treatment I am receiving.

- Mr Fagence

The friendliness and the most relaxing dentist I have ever been too.

- Mrs Cooper

Highly recommend the practice, excellent service from walking in the door to walking back out again. Camilla is very special; she has everything going for her.


I am very pleased, in fact very happy with the treatment that I have received. I would definitely recommend the practice.

- Mr Hicks

I would recommend Camilla very much. I find her so kind as she takes away all the nervousness of having your teeth done. She is very thorough and I certainly don’t dread going to the dentist anymore. As she’s going along she explains it all so you know exactly what’s she’s doing. She’s wonderful at giving injections too, when I get home and its worn off I can’t believe I’ve really been to the dentist. You are not left in the dark! Caroline is always so welcoming and lovely too. Camilla has got such a good reputation in the village.

- Jean May

The whole process was explained very clearly and all went very smoothly and I am very happy with the results.

- Miss W

When I come here for treatment I don’t feel like I am going to the dentist, it’s like a little outing, and everyone is so calm and chatty.

- Mrs H

I can describe my experience in two words, First Rate, for the dentist and for the rest of the team!

- Mr Lawrence James

Camilla is a lovely dentist; believe me I’ve been to many dentists over the years. She is very thorough and she always makes me feel very at ease.

- A. R

Camilla went to endless trouble to make sure that my crowns matched my teeth. I think she is excellent; she kept giving me little breaks through the treatment as I don’t like the water. She’s marvellous.

- Mrs W

I have always been unhappy with my smile for many years. Then I found Camilla, I took her advice and had Inman Aligners, it was great because I could wear them at night and still look professional for work during the day. I am thrilled with the results! I then followed Camilla to her own practice in Lechlade and I can honestly say that I love coming here! She’s just perfect, she knows what she is doing, is kind natured and puts everyone at ease. The team are just lovely, I recommend her to everyone, my husband, my friends anyone who is nervous about going to the dentist.

- L Fox-Brinkley

We continue to travel from Oxfordshire to your practice because you do the job and we are comfortable here!

- Mr Russell

A very professional and friendly service.

- Mrs A B

I have always been frightened at the dentist but I don’t feel scared here. As soon as I walked into the surgery I felt calm. Camilla is so nice and the atmosphere here is so relaxed.

- Mrs Easton

I like the friendliness, the professional care that is provided, the patience of the staff and not feeling rushed is really good.

- Mrs Edgar

The service is friendly, I like the fact that Camilla is young with up to date ideas and modern equipment.

- Anon

Camilla is the most professional, confident, kind dentist I have come across. She knows straight away what to do about any sort dental issues or problems – and she can make it come up good!

- Desmond Winfield

Dr George’s practice is a friendly, welcoming place to visit. I had no trouble obtaining an appointment and found my recent filling performed professionally, efficiently and with the care and attention you would expect of a highly skilled dentist. I’m very happy to come back in future for routine dental care.

- Mr Gant

It is so friendly here; I have received a very personal service in a nice environment. It’s not like waiting in a doctor’s surgery, it’s so much nicer!

- Mrs Gutteridge

So thorough and friendly and exceptionally good with children.

- Mrs Murfett

A pleasure to come to the dentist. Camilla so helpful, friendly and efficient and I feel my teeth have had the best treatment in years. Very good with children.

- Mrs Nichol

I would recommend the practice for its Good service, friendly atmosphere, the extra care I receive.

- Mrs Challoner

I am happy to stay D.A.W, it is a good practice, efficient polite and lovely.

- Mrs Chapman

When I was in severe pain, Camilla was the only dentist willing to see me that day; in fact it was 8.30 in the evening! I feel really happy here and comfortable. Even though I have to travel a long way to see Camilla, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

- Mrs G

D.A.W has nice surroundings, nice people and a good dentist.

- Mrs Picksley

I would recommend the practice because of the friendly service and because I love the art on the wall!

- Ms S

She is gentle, very good and I’ve been very pleased with the treatment. I am scared of dentist but I haven’t been scared this time with Camilla.”

- Mrs June Dix

All the receptionists that I have come across never talk to you, but Caroline is different. She is always there so friendly and always with a smile.

- Mrs R

Caroline is the best front of house I have ever met!

- Mr Marshall

I believe this is an excellent dental practice, my expectations are to have professional dental care which I am receiving.

- Mr M

Camila makes you feel so relaxed; you are such a great team, from Caroline’s friendly voice on the phone to her smile in reception and Camilla’s friendly and calm manner.

- Mrs Rolls

“I don’t think it could be any better! I am absolutely thrilled with my crowns; I think I have the perfect smile now, so natural. Thank you!

- Mrs Bilinska

I get my teeth well looked after here. It’s always nice to get Caroline’s smile too. I would definitely recommend the practice.

- Mr M

I did not think that Camilla would be able to get the tooth out! I just cannot believe it! At my last dental appointment with my previous dentist the extraction took 1 hour and 10 minutes and the dentist had to separate the tooth. Today Camilla took just 26 minutes, yes I timed it! I would recommend Camilla to everyone; I’m extremely happy and grateful to the two people who recommended Camilla to me. I shall be doing the same!

- Mr Colin Marshall

I came here because of recommendation, and have continued to stay with Camilla due to her kind, understanding and patient manner. I like the fact that she explains what is she is doing. This is good for nervous patients like me as I always know what to expect next.

- Miss Martin

Oh yes I would recommend the practice, I will stay with the practice because I am very pleased with the service I have received.

- Mrs Hammond

This was my first truly positive dental experience! I found the friendly reception through to the fully explained dental treatment professional and comfortable.

- Mrs Barnett

Yes I am happy with the practice and would recommend Camilla, most definitely!

- Mr Russell

I was one of Camilla’s first patients; I have been with the practice three years now. I am loyal to Camilla even though I now travel from Cheltenham because I know that I will get the best dental treatment. Camilla is always flexible and I know that Camilla will go out of her way to treat me. She saw me once at 8pm! There are not many dentists that would do that.

- Miss Nummure

I think that Camilla is quite the gentlest dentist I have come across.

- Mr Mermagen

I have been more than satisfied and the attitude is very nice here. That makes a difference. You listened to me and the treatment was excellent

- Mrs Picksley

The people and the place are so welcoming. One proceeds with the treatment with a happy mind. It gives you a good feeling, a good impression, I feel relaxed here.

- Mr Webb

I would recommend the practice because it is nice and friendly and Camilla is very professional. She is a gentle dentist.

- Mr Dunn

I always had to be sedated before any treatment, but with Camilla I trusted her so much. She gave me lots of breaks during the treatment. She did not make me feel embarrassed because I was so nervous. I have total trust in her

- Tracey Bennett

Of course I would recommend the practice; Camilla is thorough, caring and very knowledgeable!

- Miss D F

I am extremely pleased with the practice which is why I am happy to recommend it. There is a lovely receptionist, a brilliant dentist and gorgeous artwork to look at. It is so friendly and welcoming!

- Mrs Nicola Hester

She is lovely; I would most definitely recommend Camilla. It’s wonderful here!

- Mrs Hastings

I am very happy with the practice, I would definitely recommend you

- Mrs Cleveland

This is the best dental practice I have ever been to in my life!

- Mrs Herbert

I am so pleased with my treatment, it has been amazing. I never thought I would ever be able to get this far with my treatment. I can’t believe it; I think Camilla is wonderful, just outstanding!

- Mr Woodward

I would definitely recommend the practice, Camilla is caring and professional!

- Mr Bindon

My wife and I received treatment from Camilla when she was working at another practice. When she left we decided to track her down as we were so impressed with her treatment. It took a long time but we finally found her in her own practice in Lechlade. She is very good, very pleasant!

- Mr and Mrs Barnfield Swindon

I’m absolutely over the moon with the treatment I have had! Gobsmacked in fact! Over the last 3 months I have been in lots of pain and felt really disheartened. Then I came to see you and I feel so much better and so much happier.

- Mr Chris Suart

I would recommend Dr George, she is a first class dentist very calming and explains everything.

- Mrs Wilkins

It’s all about the cleaning for me. I have not had an ultrasonic clean for 15 years, but Camilla was the first dentist to be able to do so. She was so gentle that I am coming back again!! I have an erupting wisdom tooth that no other dentist has been able to clean, but again Camilla cleaned it thoroughly, the first time since 2005!

- Mr Charlie Layfield-Cousins

The cosmetic work you have done is absolutely brilliant! It really is amazing, I am thrilled. I would absolutely recommend the practice, cosmetically it is so good.

- Mrs Mermegan

Very friendly, very efficient – a good practice!

- Mrs Cleveland

This was my first truly positive dental experience! I found the friendly reception through to the fully explained dental treatment professional and comfortable.

- Amanda

No complaints the dentist is a really nice lady she explains everything! I am so pleased, thrilled. I was so happy with my crowns I had to hug the Dentist.

- Mrs Cuthbert

Very welcoming, helpful, puts my mind at ease. Professional, I would highly recommend this practice!

- Mrs Aggrey

Camilla is an excellent Dentist & explains everything to you in a very calm & professional way, so you understand everything. I am very delighted on what she has done for me. Caroline is always smiling when you arrive, making the whole experience of going to the dentist very relaxing!

- Sandra of Lechlade

That is the best clean of my teeth I have ever had. It’s pleasant to receive treatment when you need it and not have to wait unduly. I would completely recommend Camilla

- A Cinnamond Snr

I decided to go to Dent Art Work about three months ago after I became rather disenchanted with another local dental practice, and I am very pleased that I did so. I have had some extractions and fillings and I have nothing but compliments for Camilla and the very friendly practice. Camilla is very highly qualified and she is extremely understanding with nervous patients.

- Richard D

Having had many dental problems over the years, often due to medication, my visits to dentists have been fairly regular in High Wycombe, Australia and now Lechlade. Camilla has fulfilled my expectations of a good dentist. She is knowledgeable, caring and friendly. I am recommending her to my friends and neighbours in Lechlade.

- Erica Stevens

I like the accommodating opening hours with Saturdays and late evenings. Camilla is informative and reassuring.

- Mrs Tapley

I have been delighted with the care and consideration shown during several procedures which I have recently experienced. Time was not an issue and I feel that I have received excellent treatment throughout.

- Mrs Denton

Most relaxing dental experience I have ever had.

- Mrs Cooper

The Best Dentist I have ever had!

- Mrs Herbert

Wonderful treatment. I think Camilla is wonderful!

- Tim

Very good service very competent dentist, all round very good experience.

- Dr S.O

I have had excellent treatment. I am a satisfied customer!

- Mr Midwood

You have made an excellent job of my teeth, which is good. I used to nervous about seeing the hygienist – but now I don’t mind. Very good!

- Mr Miller

So friendly, it’s the first time in my life that I haven’t minded going to the dentist, I have almost looked forward to it!

- Mrs Jane Stock

Very efficient and friendly professional service. Reception staff warm and friendly and efficient. Extremely clean premises – would recommend this dentist to friends and neighbours

- R Newbury

It was a pleasure to have my root canal here. I found it a very caring, patient and restful experience, to the effect that I fell asleep!

- Mrs Peursum

Very friendly welcome, relaxing, gentle, competent, professional. Excellent job of my bridge, unreserved recommendation!

- Mr Bilby

A very calm place! I feel relaxed and comfortable, with everything explained during treatment.

- Mrs Jacky Russell

The most gentle and lovely dentist I have been to– the best dentist ever!

- New Patient

Since arriving at DentArtWork after being a very nervous patient, Camilla was kind and friendly and talked me through every step of the way and pain was never a problem. She’s done a brilliant job and coming to the dentist is no longer traumatic.

- Nathan Hale

Friendly, excellent service and there’s always a smile.

- Mr P McKa

I followed the aftercare instructions and the extraction is healing really well. Many thanks to yourself and Caroline for making us all feel so welcome and for the professional first class service

- Mr Jason Love

I have had plenty of extractions in my time and I must say that the dentist is brilliant! They were the best extractions I have ever had!

- Mr Atherton-Sargent

Camilla as a Dentist is wonderful. She explains everything very well, I always know what is happening during my treatment. She puts you at ease. Now I find my visits to the dentist to be an interesting and informative experience!

- Mr Nigel Musgrove

I was conscious of my smile being unsightly after experiencing 5 years of my front teeth receding and being slightly crossed. I decided to have veneers. After the treatment I was very pleased with the results, the standard of care I received was absolutely excellent!

- Mrs Beryl Troup

Service very very good and the attention I received was top of the range.

- Mrs Sharon Taylor

I just think you are so caring, Camilla is so thoughtful, and she opened the practice on a Saturday especially for me.

- Monica

Dr Camilla George is an amazing Dentist, absolutely excellent! She is positive, caring, interested and painstakingly meticulous

- Mrs Beryl Troup

Apart from the wonderful care received here, it is so lovely to come down and be with friends!

- Mrs Ridegway

It’s brilliant here, I’ve had no problems, and Camilla is an excellent dentist, nice and gentle! She showed a lot of consideration, she gave me lots of little breaks during the treatment. I would definitely recommend you!

- Mr Robert Scriven

Excellent, Camilla explains every stage of the treatment, and it was painless! She is very good. It is so friendly here you really feel at ease!

- Mr Christopher Allen

Unbelievably gentle and is able to build your confidence in the treatment. I would highly recommend Dr George to anybody. As someone who has always been terrified of the dentist I have found Dr George to be the most considerate and gentle dentist I have found in my life! It’s wonderful here!

- Mr Robert Haw

I didn’t know Camilla had given me the injection – I was waiting for the scratch but it didn’t come.

- Mr Andrew Woof

Camilla is the perfect cure for those dentist fears. She is bright, bubbly and knows how to put her clients at ease. More importantly she explains each step of the process during your treatment so you know exactly what to expect. I can’t recommend Camilla’s practice highly enough

- Mrs Karen Hoyles