Trust and mutual respect is the foundation to a relationship between a patient and healthcare professional. The following terms and conditions at DentArtWork Dental Care ensure patients are aware of the clinical and financial implications that ensure we deliver exceptional dentistry in a relaxed environment.

  1. All appointments can only be booked by calling us on 01367 253685. To secure your first appointment, the new patient consultation charge is paid in advance of the first appointment. We currently only accept payment over the phone and keep the receipt for your records. When a patient books an appointment e.g. emergency or consultation to resolve a dental issue, we reserve the right to charge a fee for the consultation plus a charge for any treatment undertaken at that appointment.
  2. One week before your dental appointment, we contact you by email to remind you of your appointment. It is imperative you complete your personal details at your first appointment correctly. We cannot be responsible if the details you provide us with are incorrect. If you wish to rearrange your appointment, contact us as soon as possible.
  3. Prior to attending your appointment, we ask all patients to please brush their teeth and wash their hands just before they see us. We have been asking patients to wear a facemask to their appointments and this may remain while we are in a pandemic.
  4. Please arrive on time for all appointments and not before. We have a locked front door and ask patients to knock and wait. Forms are emailed in advance of your appointment. If you have issues completing the forms, we can go through them with you. We reserve the right to not see you if no forms have been completed. Treatment on the first visit is not guaranteed.
  5. To cancel your dental appointment please give us more than 48 hours notice.
    We reserve the right to charge if cancellation is less than 48 hours. Do not wait for us to call you the day before. If the appointment can be filled at short notice, no charge will apply. We may ask you for a medical report to support your claim. If no medical report is available or if there are two or more cancellations in a calendar year, we reserve the right to charge for lost time and to remove you from our patient base. To secure long appointments, we may request payment of treatment in advance.
  6. Appointments not kept or cancelled without full notice are chargeable at the rate of £350 per hour. If you arrive late, we may not be able to see you and we may have to rearrange the appointment. If you fail to contact/attend your appointment, we will review whether further appointments will be offered.
  7. Unless patients attend regularly, there may not be the capacity to be seen in the future. If you are an irregular attender only coming for dental emergencies, there may be a non registered emergency fee applied at each visit.
  8. If appointment time has been lost due to late attendance, the dentist reserves the right to reschedule the appointment. We do not wish to rush dental work and affect our other appointments.
  9. Finally, please use our informative website as we have spent time making sure you have access to as much information about your dental health, so you can make an informed decision to help you maintain your smile.