Welcome to DentArtWork Dental Care

With a wide range of treatments and dedicated, personalised, high quality care, we’re all about helping our patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

Completely personalised care

We are passionate about providing all our patients with the highest quality care. As a small team, we have the advantage of being able to get to know you and give a truly personalised service. Our dentist, Dr Camilla George, welcomes you on arrival at the practice, minimising any waiting time.

We take time on the phone as you book your appointment to discuss your dental concerns, finding out exactly the treatment you need and how to alleviate any pain or anxiety you may be feeling. We are able to book the right amount of time for your appointment, meaning we don’t overrun or cause unnecessary disruption to your day.

Why should you choose us?

We’re passionate about taking care of you in the relaxed and welcoming environment we have created.

We take time to listen to your concerns and past dental experiences, helping you feel at ease. We are particularly mindful of nervous patients, and do all we can to help.

We maximise your time with us. We understand your time is precious and so make it a priority to address your dental needs on your first appointment rather than several separate ones. This also minimises your carbon footprint, something very important to us.

We deliver an exceptional aftercare service following all complex dental treatment. You can feel reassured you are in safe hands both during treatment and while you recover.